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At the Nuremberg University of Music, we place particular emphasis on the music education of our students. Our aim is to produce highly qualified graduates who are able to pass on their enthusiasm for music in a professional manner and who can confidently meet the diverse demands of professional life.

The Music Education Bachelor's degree includes a wide range of music education courses that are taught throughout the duration of the degree. These include lectures in music pedagogy, as well as various practicals and specialist seminars such as teaching methodology, repertoire studies and teaching practice. The courses leave room for students to develop their artistic and pedagogical skills, for example, by choosing a bachelor key profile or a second major.

The Music Education Master's degree programmes serve to deepen and perfect pedagogical, academic, subject-specific and university-didactic skills, as well as to open up new fields of work in music education.

Career opportunities

The field of activity is very diverse and the possibilities can be individually combined. Everything is possible, from a full-time job in the public sector to a patchwork of different jobs. Our graduates work in these and other careers:

  • Full-time or freelance music teacher in a public or private music school
  • Independent music pedagogues, setting up their own music schools, working as concert pedagogues
  • Freelance writer with publications in specialist journals or with music publishers
  • Leading courses and seminars offered by associations, academies or companies
  • Head of department in a music school
  • Head of a music school (usually requires an additional course at the Bundesakademie in Trossingen)
  • Teacher in a vocational school, college or academy
  • Teacher at a college or university


André Herteux Fachdidaktik Gitarre, Gitarre-Crossover

All members of this study area

Sören Balendat Praxisorientiertes Klavierspiel, Fachdidaktik Jazz, Gehörbildung Jazz

Alexander Bayer Fachdidaktik Jazz-Bass, Berufskunde, Kontrabass (Hauptfach)

Mirjam Decker Musikpädagogik

Mirjam Decker

Andreas Fischer Fachdidaktik Gitarre, Gitarre

Sabrina Förner Frauenbeauftragte / Vokalpädagogik

Sofia Fuss Fachdidaktik Saxophon, Saxophon

Prof. Filippa Gojo Jazz-Gesang (Hauptfach)

Porträt von Filippa Gojo

Caroline Hausen Fachdidaktik Blockflöte

Haiko Heinz Fachdidaktik E-Gitarre

Prof. Ulrich Hench Fachdidaktik Klavier, Klavier, Praxisorientiertes Klavierspiel

André Herteux Fachdidaktik Gitarre, Gitarre-Crossover

Susanne Kaiser Fachdidaktik Harfe

Beate Keilhack Fachdidaktik Violine/Viola, Violine (Hauptfach)

Susanne Kraus-Hornung Jazz-Gesang (Hauptfach), Jazzspezifische Stimmbildung

Corina Nastoll Fachdidaktik Querflöte

Corina Nastoll

Prof. Dr. Emilia Parada Cabaleiro Musikalische Bildung und künstliche Intelligenz

Prof. Bernhard Pichl Jazz-Piano, Musiktheorie Jazz, Lehrpraxis Jazz-Piano

Prof. Dr. Renate Reitinger Vizepräsidentin für Studium, Lehre und Forschung / Musikpädagogik (Hauptfach)

Stefan Schalanda Fachdidaktik Blechblasinstrumente, Berufskunde, Musikpädagogik

Sonja Sengpiel Fachdidaktik Oboe, Fagott

Michael Spiecker Fachdidaktik Historische Instrumente

Werner Treiber Fachdidaktik Schlagzeug, Schlagzeug

Prof. Günter Voit Klarinette (Hauptfach), Fachdidaktik Klarinette

Heike Wundling Fachdidaktik Violoncello