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Ines Holland-Moritz Elemental Music Pedagogy

Department Elemental Music Pedagogy / Music Pedagogy

Studienbereich Elemental Music Pedagogy (EMP)

Funktion Studienbereichsverantwortliche Elementare Musikpädagogik

Gremienmitgliedschaft Departmentrat Elementare Musikpädagogik/Musikpädagogik

Kategorie Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben

Ines Holland-Moritz studied Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy at the Mozarteum/Orff Institute in Salzburg from 2007-2011. This was followed by a Master's degree in Elemental Music Pedagogy at the Nuremberg University of Music, as well as a degree in instrumental and vocal music-making in heterogeneous groups, also in Nuremberg. She was awarded the Bavarian Cultural Prize 2016.

Since 2011, she has been teaching at the Nuremberg music school in kindergartens and primary schools, mainly in the MUBIKIN programme. Artistic and educational projects are always part of her work at the music school.

In addition, she gives further training courses for educators as part of the "Singing Kindergartens" programme, seminars in dance and elemental music-making for the AMJ and is involved in the development of a concept for the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance company. Since the 2020/21 winter semester, she has been a lecturer in Elemental Music Pedagogy at the Nuremberg University of Music. She is still active today as a trainer for the city of Nuremberg and the Orff-Schulwerkgesellschaft, as a lecturer at AMJ seminars and further education programmes at the Bundesakademie in Trossingen.