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Music Theory is the interface between theory and practice. It focuses on the understanding of music, which can be achieved in a variety of ways: through analysis, listening, composing and making music. Whatever the course - ear training, work analysis, counterpoint, 20th/21st century compositional techniques or one of the compulsory electives - it is always about the interplay of perception, practical experimentation and reflection.

"Music theory helps me to understand music in much more detail. The better I understand harmony, the better different motifs come together to form a musical work. Since I've been studying music, I've also found it easier to compose accompaniments to melodies or to give short pieces a meaningful structure."

Music theory student

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Music theory practice

The aim of our study area is to teach music theory in a practical way. Through singing and playing keyboards or our own instruments, we bring music theory models to life so that they can be experienced and understood. Based on the models we learn, we compose our own pieces and style copies, which are performed at the Music Theory Department's annual workshop concert.

Ear training

The aim of ear training is to become aware of one's own listening habits and to develop listening skills so that music can be perceived in a more differentiated and multi-layered way and discussed appropriately. Individual musical parameters are initially trained in small groups through exercises such as sight-singing, rhythmic speaking, dictation or style-based vocal improvisation. In the second year, the skills acquired are brought together and applied to pieces of music, analysing them through listening and comparing different interpretations.


Prof. Maren Wilhelm Vice President for Transfer and Internationalisation / Music Theory

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Alexander Bauer Komposition (Hauptfach), Elektronische Komposition

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Dr. Klara Hayward Musiktheorie

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Asita Tamme Musiktheorie

Asita Tamme

Prof. Maren Wilhelm Vice President for Transfer and Internationalisation / Music Theory