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Unable to take a university examination due to illness

In accordance with the examination regulations (BSPO, MSPO) of the Nuremberg University of Music, the reasons for failing or withdrawing from an examination must be given immediately in writing. In the case of illness, a doctor's certificate must be submitted to the Registrar's Office immediately and in an appropriate form.

The certificate must meet the following minimum requirements and contain the following information

  • Information about the inability to take the examination, including the period and, in particular, the date on which the inability to take the examination occurred.
  • Concrete and comprehensible description of the physical, mental and/or emotional disorder relevant to the examination from a medical point of view, so that it can be concluded whether the student was actually unable to take the examination on the day of the examination (= wording of the ministerial qualification of certificates). No further medical diagnosis is required.
  • Date of the medical examination which led to the declaration of inability to take the examination.
  • The illness must be certified no later than the day of the examination. Immediate means that the candidate must consult a doctor on the day of the examination; the same applies if the illness must be certified by an official medical report; a medical certificate will only be accepted if it is sufficiently informative to assess whether or not the candidate is unfit to take the examination. The certificate must therefore describe in a specific and comprehensible manner the illness-related and examination-relevant disorders (symptoms) present on the day of the examination, so that the examination board can conclude whether the candidate was actually unfit to take the examination on the day of the examination.

The following formalities must also be observed:

  •  If the inability to take the examination is not notified within three days by submitting the relevant certificate, or if the reasons are not accepted, the examination performance in question will be deemed to be "insufficient" in accordance with the relevant examination regulations.

  • In the case of a re-sit, the board may also require a certificate from the health authority or a doctor appointed by the health authority. Please note that the cost of the medical certificate will not be reimbursed by the university.

List of addresses and links of the Bavarian health authorities

  • In addition to submitting the medical certificate, you must also state the examination(s) for which the certificate is required, as well as the subject and date of the examination(s).
  • It is recommended that you use the certificate template below.