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What is the Forum all about?

Every year, the Nuremberg School of Music and the Germanisches Nationalmuseum organise a multi-day forum dedicated to the scientific and artistic study of individual genres of historical musical instruments.

The museum's extraordinary collection of historical musical instruments provides the basis for this series of events, which is located at the interface of cultural-historical research, traditional cultural assets and living musical practice.

With a concert in the Musica Antiqua series and full-day academic and artistic-practical lectures, there are many opportunities for study and international networking. Masterclasses with external musicians for university and other students round off the forum.

The topics of the previous forums

Video recordings of the lectures can be found on the respective topic pages.

2023: Composition and diminution

2022: Basso Continuo

2020: Recorder

2019: Violin instruments

2018: Historical dances

2017: Instruments of the town pipers

2016: Historical percussion instruments

2015: Concertare - Instruments and Vocal studies

2014: Violins and violas da gamba

2013: Zinken and trombones

2012: Lutes