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The Symphony Orchestra of the University of Music Nuremberg is made up of students from all classes. It offers the opportunity to get to know fellow students beyond one's own class. In addition, members acquire artistic skills in playing together, build up an orchestral repertoire and learn about a wide variety of historical styles.

Our new orchestra hall

Since the university was renovated in 2018, it has had its own orchestra hall for rehearsals and concerts, equipped to the highest technical standards. It regularly hosts symphony concerts and opera productions.


Once a semester, guest conductors come to work with the orchestra in the Rehearsal and Talk series.

The orchestra has travelled abroad twice to China, Italy and Luxembourg. In addition to our own orchestra hall, the young musicians perform in the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra's concert hall, the Meistersingerhalle and other guest venues.

In July 2022, the orchestra performed Olivier Messiaen's "L'Ascension" and Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 in the Waldsassen Basilica. Guest conductor was Alfred Wachs (California).

What we do

The Orchestra's work programme is divided into

  • three concert programmes per academic year
  • regular, weekly repertoire rehearsals
  • opera productions
(Kopie 4)

Concert programmes are rehearsed in concentrated form about a week before the concert, just as in the young musicians' later professional lives.

The weekly repertoire rehearsals, held on Mondays from 6pm to 9pm, are designed to familiarise the students with as many compositions as possible from the classical and romantic orchestral repertoire. These rehearsals encourage sight-reading and the ability to quickly grasp new sounds, both of which are important for future professional life.

The Orchestra performs opera and operetta productions with the students of the singing classes in staged performances, which also represent the University to the outside world.

Since 2009, the Symphony Orchestra has been conducted by Prof. Guido Johannes Rumstadt. The orchestra office is run by Jutta Götz. An annually elected orchestra committee represents the interests of the students.

Prof. Guido Rumstadt Orchester, Dirigieren (Hauptfach)