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Relationship between humans and animals

Interdisciplinary human-animal research focuses on culturally shaped human-animal relationships, artistic representations of animals, and the acting power (agency) of animals in human societies.

In this still young field of research, which brings together animal-related discourses from the cultural, social and natural sciences, the Nuremberg University of Music has positioned itself at an early stage by establishing a Chair for Interdisciplinary Music Research with a focus on Human-Animal Studies. Among other things, the role of animals and their sounds in the history of human music, the aesthetic status of animal vocalisations and instrumental sounds, and the common origins of human and animal musical behaviour are researched here.

Since the winter semester of 2023/24, an English-language Master's programme in interdisciplinary music research with a focus on Human-Animal Studies and Artificial Intelligence has been offered.

Doctoral projects on musicological questions related to Human-Animal Studies can also be carried out at the chair.

News from this research area can be found here.

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