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What is TIO Music?

TIO Music contains numerous tools (notebook, media player, tuner, metronome and piano) in one app. By creating projects, you can save different configurations to make practicing and playing music easier. The tools can also be used individually to quickly tune instruments or record samples.
TIO Music is designed by musicians for musicians of all levels. The app is and will remain completely free. There are no ads.


📖 Notes: Whether photos or text notes - notes can be created or uploaded in the app, such as sheet music, playing instructions, background information or song lyrics.

🕰 Metronome: Set your own tempo, beat, polyrhythm, random mute and sound, and save your custom configurations. You can also use the metronome in combination with the tuner and media player.

🎧 Media player with recording: Listen to your latest creations or favourite tracks right in the app. Or use the built-in microphone on your smartphone or tablet to record spontaneous ideas, melodies or rhythms - perfect for practice, capturing inspiration or impromptu jam sessions. You can control volume, range (duration and section), playback speed and pitch (transpose function).

🎸Tuner: Tune your instruments according to the concert pitch, use the pre-installed reference tones, save your settings and combine the tuner with the metronome and media player.

🎹 Piano module: Need a portable piano? The built-in piano module lets you select different sound modes and save custom configurations.

Stay tuned with TIO Music

All elements can be saved together in projects. So there's no need to reset the metronome or adjust the tuner every time. You can quickly and easily pick up where you left off.

🧐 Curious?

TIO Music is now available on Google Play for Android devices and in the App Store for iOS.

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📩 We want to keep improving the app - so we look forward to your feedback!

Thanks to

🎙 The idea for the app was developed as part of the RE|LEVEL project at Nuremberg University of Music.