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LEONARDO - Centre for Creativity and Innovation: The Nuremberg University of Music, the Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm University of Technology and the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts work together here.

We work interdisciplinary

LEONARDO is an interdisciplinary space, project platform and research centre working at the interface of art, science, business and society. Laboratories and workshops, including recording studios, makerspace, XR studio and visual lab, as well as event and co-working spaces, offer students, teachers and external parties a wide range of opportunities for creativity, innovation and further education in the heart of Nuremberg's city centre.
Within the LEO Labs, the Nuremberg University of Music operates the MIRACL (Music Interaction Research and Audio Creation Lab), an exceptionally well-equipped sound laboratory and recording studio, including a soundproof recording booth and a Steinway Spirio | r B-211 grand piano.

We were supported and grew

LEONARDO forms the basis for the cooperation and transfer activities of the three participating universities and beyond. The collaboration and the establishment of the joint centre have been made possible by the Innovative University programme of the Federal Government and the Länder from 2018 to 2022.

We offer creativity and innovation

More than 100 partners from science, business, society and culture have already collaborated with the universities in more than 50 interdisciplinary projects that have been facilitated, funded and supported by LEONARDO. Based on these inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations, LEONARDO has researched fundamental innovation processes and developed its own consulting model, which is available to interested parties for the systematic development of creative idea generation processes and interdisciplinary teams.

Our recent projects

  • How can the sound of historical musical instruments be preserved and developed through creative sound processing? Using a historical table piano from 1863 as an example, a sustainable system for virtualising instruments is being developed. By creating a detailed sample set, the tonal diversity and expressiveness of the instrument will be explored in a differentiated way and preserved in the form of a virtual instrument.

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  • Can artificial intelligence collaborate with humans in creative processes on an equal footing? The Nuremberg Technical University and the Nuremberg University of Music are collaborating on the "Spirio Sessions" research project on artificial creativity.

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  • A dance performance in public space is interactively enhanced by augmented reality elements, creating an artistic tension between digital and real events. How does the use of digital media affect our perception of reality? The Phantom Zone project explores this question by combining digital technology with the medium of the body.

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  • LEONARDO regularly organises public events as well as internal university lectures and workshops.

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Prof. Toni Hinterholzinger Leiter Tonstudio, Tonstudiotechnik, Musikproduktion

Emma Laín Fernández Laboringenieurin Musikproduktion

Nicole Pietruschka Laboringenieurin Musikproduktion

Jan Pfitzer Künstlerisch-wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Julie Pusch Projektassistenz LEONARDO

Project management for the Nuremberg University of Music