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How lessons are organised

Chamber music and ensemble lessons are central components of the education at the Nuremberg University of Music. In most of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, there are courses in chamber music and ensemble playing throughout almost the entire course of study:

In woodwinds by professor of chamber music Nina Janßen-Deinzer, in strings and piano by professors of chamber music Bernhard Schmidt and Massimiliano Mainolfi.
In the other areas, the students' ensembles are supervised by other teachers at the university. Lied interpretation, taught by professor Marcelo Amaral, is also part of the Chamber Music/Ensemble programme.

What will I learn?

In addition to individual tuition, chamber music and ensemble lessons, as well as intensive work with the relevant repertoire, will stimulate the development of artistic personalities. Working in a group with fellow students can strengthen students' social and intercultural skills, preparing them for the demands of a future professional environment.

Guest lecturers

In addition to this teaching programme, regular courses are held with guest lecturers in the area of chamber music / ensemble studies. Guest lecturers in the past have included Prof Silke Avenhaus, Prof Eberhard Feltz, Prof Eckhard Runge (Artemis Quartet), Prof Gerhard Schulz (Alban Berg Quartet) and Prof Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartet).


The ensembles have performance opportunities not only within the university but also in cooperation with numerous promoters in the Nuremberg metropolitan area. This should enable our students to gain the necessary concert experience.


Prof. Massimiliano Mainolfi Kammermusik Klavier

All members of this study area

Prof. Marcelo Amaral Liedgestaltung (Hauptfach)

Holger Berndsen Korrepetition Vokal (Hauptfach), Liedgestaltung

Prof. Christoph Braun Trompete (Hauptfach)

Ulla Bundies Ensemble, Kammermusik, Barockvioline (Hauptfach)

Ulla Bundies

Björn Colell Laute (Hauptfach), Theorbe (Hauptfach), Gitarre (Hauptfach)

Prof. Clara Dent-Bogányi Oboe (Hauptfach)

Prof. Bernhard Endres Klavier (Hauptfach)

Prof. Bernhard Endres

Neus Estarellas Calderón Aktuelle Musik, Klavier (Hauptfach)

Neus Estarellas Calderón

Prof. Marcos Fregnani Flöte (Hauptfach)

Prof. Brigitte Geller Gesang (Hauptfach)

Prof. Anne Marie Harer Barockvioline (Hauptfach)

Prof. Nina Janßen-Deinzer Kammermusik Holzblasinstrumente, Aktuelle Musik

Fabian Kerber Bassposaune (Hauptfach), Kammermusik

Fabian Kerber

Prof. Ralf-Jörn Köster Oboe (Hauptfach), Kammermusik, Rohrbau Oboe

Prof. Lilo Kraus Harfe (Hauptfach)

Jan Kunkel Barockcello (Hauptfach), Ensemble ,Kammermusik

Prof. Massimiliano Mainolfi Kammermusik Klavier

Prof. Nikolaus Maler Fagott (Hauptfach)

Prof. Nikolaus Maler

Prof. Sebastián Montes Gitarre (Hauptfach)

Alice Morzenti Querflöte (Hauptfach)

Prof. Bernhard Schmidt Kammermusik

Prof. Knut Schoch Barockgesang (Hauptfach)

Prof. Jeremias Schwarzer Blockflöte (Hauptfach), Aktuelle Musik

Prof. Michail-Pavlos Semsis Professor für Kontrabass

Prof. Patrick Stadler klassisches Saxophon

Prof. Patrick Stadler

Prof. Stefan Tischler Tuba (Hauptfach), Kammermusik

Prof. Stefan Tischler

Prof. Dr. Aurelia Vişovan Klavier (Hauptfach)

Friederike Vollert Blockflöte (Hauptfach), Jungstudium (Vertretung 2023)

Prof. Wiebke Weidanz Cembalo (Hauptfach)

Prof. Andreas Willwohl Viola (Hauptfach)