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The self-image of the Nuremberg University of Music includes mutual respect, esteem for the individual and for the cooperation of all.

This is based on gender equality, equal opportunities and family friendliness. This means not only equal participation for all and balanced representation in the various status groups and committees, but also strategic implementation in all areas of the University's activities, in research and teaching and in personnel development, right through to the analysis and change of discriminatory and exclusionary structures.

Effective gender equality is the guiding princip

The NUM's gender equality concept 2023 summarises all objectives and measures in the area of gender equality and is an important documentation and management tool for gender equality work at NUM.

  • In order to continue to work systematically towards equal opportunities for all its members, the University of Music regularly draws up an equal opportunities concept in accordance with the Bavarian Equal Opportunities Act Art. 4-6. The Equal Opportunities Policy describes the situation of female members of the University in relation to male members of the University and develops measures to further promote equal opportunities for women and men and the compatibility of family and study or career.

  • Universities, including the NUM, still have an extremely low percentage of women professors compared to the high percentage of female students.

    Increasing the proportion of women professors is a declared goal of the Nuremberg University of Music.

    We see diversity as a sign of quality and are aware of the importance of women professors as role models for the development of young artistic and academic talent. The NUM is committed to the DFG's research-oriented gender equality standards, according to which the targets for the proportion of women at each academic career level are based on the proportion of women at the qualification level directly below (cascade model).

    In order to ensure quality-assured appointment procedures that promote equality, the NUM has adopted regulations on the appointment, appointment, recruitment and commissioning of teaching staff. Transparent appointment and staffing procedures, combined with ongoing awareness-raising, counteract gender bias and other stereotypes and prejudices. Women's representatives are involved in every recruitment process for teaching staff.

  • Scholarships can be applied for each year from the special funds in the Bavarian state budget for the realisation of equal opportunities for women in research and teaching. In cooperation with the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and the Arts, the Nuremberg University of Music supports academic doctoral projects as well as artistic development and research projects by women who wish to qualify for university teaching every year. The Women's Representative advises interested female students and lecturers on the application process.

    Information on the scholarship for the realisation of equal opportunities for women in research and teaching(German)

  • The NUM has been taking part in the annual nationwide Girls' Day since 2021. Girls' Day aims to encourage schoolgirls to consider careers that are still heavily male-dominated. In music, these include conducting, composing and individual instruments.

    The programmes offered by NUM can be found on the Girls' Day website:

  • The Gender & Diversity project organises a range of events each semester, from concerts and lectures to photography projects and conferences. The series aims to make the diversity of our university and society visible. A wide range of artistic and academic formats are used to explore key issues such as gender, race and identity.

    The events in the series can be found in the calendar of events.

  • Since the beginning of 2023, the NUM has had a Steinway M with a Sirius 6.0 keyboard. The octaves are about half a key narrower than the standard. Pianists with smaller hands can look forward to being able to play literature on this instrument that they cannot, or only with great difficulty, play on the standard keyboard.

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