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Leave of absence

Students may be exempted from the obligation to study properly (leave of absence) for good cause. An application for a leave of absence must be submitted.


FAQ on leave of absence

  • The application must be submitted by the beginning of the semester at the latest.

    For the winter semester 30 September

    For the summer semester 28/29 February

    If the important reason for your leave of absence arises at a later date, you may, in exceptional cases, submit a written application to the Student Services Office immediately.

  • In addition to the form, the application for a leave of absence must include appropriate proof of the reason for the leave of absence (e.g. internship contract, certificate of extended registration, etc.) and must be submitted in writing to the Student Services Office. If the reason is illness, you must provide a medical certificate. You can have your doctor complete page 3 of the application form.

  • A leave of absence is granted for a full semester. As a rule, a leave of absence should not exceed two semesters in total. In justified exceptional cases, a longer leave of absence is possible.

    Leave of absence during the first semester of studies is generally not possible, unless the important reasons arise after enrolment and could not have been foreseen beforehand.

    Maternity leave, parental leave and periods spent caring for a close relative do not count towards the maximum duration.

  • It is not possible to take a leave of absence retroactively for a semester that has already been completed.

  • Leave of absence is granted by written notification with a new semester certificate indicating the leave of absence. Leave of absence does not count as a semester.

  • No coursework or examinations can be completed during a leave of absence. The only exception is the resit of failed examinations. In the case of maternity or parental leave, it may be possible to complete a certain amount of coursework and examinations by means of a study agreement. Deadlines for Bachelor's or Master's theses that have already been announced will be suspended for the duration of the leave of absence.

  • Reasons for a leave of absence may include

    • Personal illness
    • Maternity or parental leave
    • Study abroad
    • Caring for a close relative
    • Voluntary internship
    • Compulsory internship

    Other reasons may be granted in exceptional cases and after a thorough examination of the individual case.

    As a rule, a leave of absence can only be granted if the important reason prevents you from studying properly for an extended period of time, which is at least more than half of the teaching or lecture period of the semester in question.

  • The semester fee is still due during your leave of absence.

You can find more information at the Student Services.