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Prof. Dr. Renate Reitinger Vizepräsidentin für Studium, Lehre und Forschung / Musikpädagogik (Hauptfach)

Department Elemental Music Pedagogy / Music Pedagogy

Studienbereich Music pedagogy / Teaching methodology

Gremienmitgliedschaft Ausschuss Digitalisierung
Ausschuss Künstlerische Forschung
Ausschuss Studiengangsmonitoring
Erweiterte Hochschulleitung
Kommission für Studium und Lehre (K1)

Kategorie Professur

Renate Reitinger (*1974) studied piano and Elemental Music Pedagogy at the Meistersinger Conservatory in Nuremberg in cooperation with the Nuremberg University of Music in Würzburg. She studied educational science and systematic musicology at the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. There she completed her doctorate, supervised by Prof. Dr Juliane Ribke, with a thesis on "Compositions by children as an expression of their musical imagination". From 1998, she taught at the Hamburg State Youth Music School and at two primary schools in Hamburg. At the same time, she set up a private piano class and supervised the children's music workshop at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. In 1999, she received her first teaching position for Elemental Music Pedagogy at the Lübeck University of Music. She gained further experience in university teaching as part of a teaching assignment for Music Pedagogy at the University of the Arts Bremen and during her three years as an academic assistant in Music Pedagogy under Prof Dr Barbara Busch. In 2005, at the age of just 31, she was appointed Professor of Music Pedagogy at the Nuremberg University of Music. She has been a lecturer in further and continuing education for music and primary school teachers for over 20 years, giving lectures and workshops at universities and at music pedagogy conferences.

Renate Reitinger is a member of the Working Group for Elemental Music Pedagogy (AEMP), the Working Group for Leading Music Pedagogy Courses (ALMS) and the Artistic Pedagogy Courses Committee of the Rectors' Conference of Universities of Music.

Her research and publications focus on topics in the areas of elementary composition, musical development, heterogeneity and university didactics.