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The NUM Equal Opportunities Team provides information, advice and mediation on issues relating to studying and working with child(ren), career planning, legal regulations during studies, maternity protection, financial support options and the promotion of women and young talent in teaching and research.

We provide information and support in cases of sexual harassment, (sexualised) discrimination and violence, abuse of power and general problems at work or at university.

Liliana Aristizabal Studienservice

Liliana Aristizabal

Sören Balendat Praxisorientiertes Klavierspiel, Fachdidaktik Jazz, Gehörbildung Jazz

Sabrina Förner Frauenbeauftragte / Vokalpädagogik

Dr. Klara Hayward Musiktheorie

Heejung Kim Korrepetition instrumental (Hauptfach)

Stefanie Weidmann Referentin für den Bereich der Frauenbeauftragten und für Gleichstellungsfragen