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The EMP degree is versatile, varied and very practical. It also requires teamwork and flexibility.

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Elemental Music Pedagogy

This course explores the wide range of artistic expression through music, language and movement.

The aims, content and methods of elementary music making, experimentation and creation in groups of different ages and purposes are covered.

The content is based on basic musical phenomena which are explored in an experimental, improvisational, creative and reproducible way on instruments, with the voice and in body movement.

The balance between "performing" (technical, reproductive) and "creative" (creative, productive) activities is always important.

Insights into our work

Teaching practice

The EMP degree is particularly practice-oriented, as we offer you the opportunity to work with different target and age groups during your studies.

EMP understands music as the natural language of every human being. EMP opens up spaces to develop our creative potential in a playful way.

Quote EMP student 2022

Career opportunities

In addition to the main subject in EMP, you will also gain a full qualification in at least one other subject in instrumental or vocal pedagogy.

By choosing additional profiles, you can specialise further according to your individual interests.

With a degree in EMP, you will qualify for an extremely interesting profession that is in high demand at music schools and extracurricular institutions that offer music education for children, young people and adults.


Ines Holland-Moritz Elemental Music Pedagogy

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Ines Holland-Moritz Elemental Music Pedagogy

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