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Our mission

We put people first:
Studying and working here means being free to develop your own potential and being supported in the holistic development of your own personality.
Through reflective practice and collaborative performance, students are able to grow into their existence as young musicians and are excellently prepared for professional life. Innovative teaching concepts characterise our broad artistic and pedagogical curriculum.
All members of the University continually develop their skills and competencies.

We provide space for creativity, growth and experimentation and work on an interdisciplinary basis. Our work is characterised by artistic and artistic-educational excellence, both internally and externally.
We continually develop the vibrant link between theory and practice and engage with a wide range of artistic, musicological and music pedagogical issues. We are committed to innovative academic and artistic research.
Research-based learning is essential to our engagement with music.
We engage creatively and reflectively with the opportunities and risks of digitalisation. A high level of information literacy in research, teaching and administration is important to us.

Our work

We see ourselves as a responsible driving force in society. We actively shape the historically grown cultural area in the Nuremberg metropolitan region in a variety of ways. We reach a wide audience with public events such as concerts, opera performances, training courses or workshops and publications in a wide variety of media.
We contribute to the transfer of knowledge to society through innovative projects.

Our values

We act with mutual respect and consideration for the individual and for the cooperation of all. Our actions are characterised by respectful communication and transparency.
We are open to criticism. We are characterised by equality of opportunity and a high degree of diversity. Cosmopolitanism is reflected in the international character of our University. We are committed to the freedom of the arts and sciences, research, teaching and study. We reject and actively oppose all forms of discrimination and abuse of power.

Adopted by the Senate on 22 October 2018