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The Nuremberg University of Music is an artistic and academic place of study and work with various functional levels in the areas of art, teaching, science and administration. On all of these levels, equal, trusting and respectful cooperation between members and guests of the university is an explicit guiding principle.

The Nuremberg University of Music strictly rejects and actively opposes all forms of discrimination and abuse of power.

The NUM recognises abuse of power and discrimination as a problem for society as a whole. It is aware that the high degree of individual closeness, the emotional charge and strong physicality, as well as the special structures and relationships of dependency in artistic training make it particularly susceptible to all forms of abuse of power and discrimination. The University will not tolerate such abuse in any form. All members of the University are therefore particularly called upon to contribute to the creation of an appreciative and non-violent working and study environment that offers space for artistic fulfilment.

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How to communicate respectfully

The basics of respectful interaction are appreciative and mindful communication. Click here for more information.