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Information on re-registration

All students at the Nuremberg University of Music who wish to continue their studies in the following semester must re-register each semester before the start of the semester.

If you fail to do so, you can apply for an extension of the deadline. The cost of late re-registration is borne by the student and is based on the Nuremberg University of Music's Regulations on Fees and Charges (GES).

FAQ on re-registration

  • Re-registration is effected by the timely and complete payment of the semester fee due for the coming semester to the appropriate account of the Nuremberg University of Music. In order to meet the re-registration deadline, payment must be received by the University no later than the end of the announced deadline.

    • For the winter semester: June 22 to July 3
    • For the summer semester: December 12 to 23

    Re-registration is not possible after the lecture period has started.

  • Bank details:

    Staatsoberkasse Bayern in Landshut
    Bayerische Landesbank München
    IBAN: DE62 7005 0000 4601 1903 15
    Amount: EUR 67.00
    Purpose: Registration number, last name, first name

  • If you still have coursework and examinations to complete in the following semester, or if the assessment of an examination you have already taken is still outstanding (e.g. the correction of your Bachelor's or Master's thesis), you must always re-register and pay the full semester fee.

    If you re-register for the following semester and terminate your studies retroactively at the end of the previous semester, the semester fee will be refunded ex officio.

  • Once the money has been transferred, you will be re-registered for the new semester and your new student ID card including certificates will be ready for you.

    Please check that the information you provided during enrolment (e.g. address, telephone number, etc.) is still up to date. Incomplete or outdated information may make it difficult to complete your studies.

  • We understand that keeping track of dates and deadlines is not always easy. That's why we send a reminder to your university email address before the re-registration period. However, you may still forget to make a payment.

    If no payment has been made after the re-registration deadline, you will receive a reminder. This is to give you the opportunity to pay the semester fee, including any late fees, at a later date.

    The costs for late re-registration (late fee of € 15.00) are to be borne by the respective student and are based on the fees and charges regulations (GES) of the Nuremberg University of Music. A refund of the late fee is not possible.

  • Exemption from the semester fee is only possible in exceptional cases (e.g. severe disability or double enrolment). Applications must be submitted by the end of the re-registration period.

  • Re-registration for gifted and talented students is made by presenting a current school certificate and not by paying the semester fee.


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