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News Success Prof Maren Wilhelm receives award for teaching excellence

Photo: Thomas Riese, Source: StMWK

Bavaria's Minister of Science Markus Blume presented the "Prize for Good Teaching" to 20 lecturers in Nuremberg on 10 April 2024. The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts honours the work of teaching staff at Bavarian state universities with the "Prize for Good Teaching". This year's award ceremony was organised as part of a "Day for Good Teaching" at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm. The event focussed on ways to design effective teaching and learning processes.

Prof. Maren Wilhelm, Vice President for Transfer and Internationalisation at the Nuremberg University of Music and Professor of Music Theory, was presented with the "Prize for Good Teaching" by Minister of State Markus Blume.

The award winners are characterised by a high level of commitment to teaching and can all present exemplary concepts. The prize emphasises that teaching is on an equal footing with research tasks. The award is endowed with 5,000 euros each.

At the award ceremony, Blume told he winners:

Interactive courses with real-time digital feedback, international practical projects, intensive skills training in virtual learning spaces, individualised use of AI: you are the heroes of good teaching! You make the difference between teaching and learning being fun, enthusiasm for a subject being genuine, and the talents of tomorrow becoming the outstanding experts of tomorrow.

Congratulations to our Vice President on this award!


Diversity of methods: Prof. Wilhelm impresses with her constructively coordinated, skills-oriented methods, in which she repeatedly explores a wide range of available media - especially digital media - and uses them in a varied and profitable way for the heterogeneous student body.

Practical relevance: Her teaching is also characterised by the exemplary way in which she bridges music theory and practical artistic creation.