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Prospects and careersWhat can I expect from studying piano?

With over 400 years of history and an impressive, growing repertoire, the piano is still one of the most popular musical instruments. Thanks to its versatility, it is indispensable in many areas of musical performance. The range of professional fields extends from soloists, chamber musicians, accompanists at opera houses, budding conductors or arrangers to music teachers at music schools, universities or in freelance work.

Wide range under the most modern conditionsWhy study piano in Nuremberg?

As Germany's youngest and most modern University of Music, Nuremberg offers a wide range of artistic and pedagogical study opportunities for pianists: Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, including playing on historical keyboard instruments, with Bachelor of Music, Master of Music and Master Class diplomas. A wide range of electives and profile specialisations make the course flexible. Talented young people (gifted and talented students) can receive tuition in their main subject at the University while still at school. The University also participates in the Erasmus international exchange programme.

Instruments: from historical to the AI-assistedWe offer an excellent range of instruments

The University has over 120 modern and historic keyboard instruments, with older instruments being continually replaced with new ones. In addition, there are special keyboard instruments such as a fortepiano, a square piano, a new Steinway Spirio and a grand piano with a smaller scale (Sirius 6.0 keyboard), all of which are also used for artistic research.

Gain experience with performances

There are numerous performance opportunities to gain stage experience:

  • University podiums
  • class recitals
  • lunchtime concerts
  • Steinway competition especially for our piano students
  • Chamber music competition in cooperation with the Mozartverein 1829 Nürnberg e. V.
  • Lions Music Competition
  • as well as several external concert series

A special feature are the music education prizes, which are awarded annually to the best graduates of music education courses.


Prof. Wolfgang Manz Klavier (Hauptfach)

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Neus Estarellas Calderón Aktuelle Musik, Klavier (Hauptfach)

Neus Estarellas Calderón

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Prof. Marcelo Amaral Liedgestaltung (Hauptfach)

Prof. Wolfgang Manz Klavier (Hauptfach)

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Prof. Bernhard Endres

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Alexander Polewsky Geschichte des Klavierbaus

Alexander Polewsky