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News Event Young Lions on Stage 2024

Our former student Victoria Pohl will be talking about our Young Lions on Stage jazz festival in a 60-minute radio programme tomorrow.

Radio report on 11 April 2014 at 22:00 on Radio F 94.5 or on the web at

A 60-minute overview of the festival will be broadcast, in which I will provide information about the programme, play recordings of the jazz students and invite jazz student Stefan "Eddie" Pirner as a special guest to give an insight into university life and the festival.

Radio presenter Victoria Pohl

Young Lions on Stage

The "Young Lions on Stage" festival , a collaboration between the Jazz Studio, the Nuremberg University of Music and the Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG, starts on Tuesday 23rd April at 8pm.

The festival will take place for the 13th time in 2024. The opening concert will be performed by the University's Big Band in the large hall of the Kulturwerkstatt with a tried and tested two-part programme. In the first part, fans of the classic big band sound will get their money's worth with selected orchestral gems by Sammy Nestico. The second part of the programme is dedicated to European big band jazz with compositions by the gifted English trumpeter and composer Kenny Wheeler and music by Helge Sund from Norway.

The Festival of Young Lions continues every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the Jazz Studio. For the first time on Wednesday, 24 April and for the last time on Saturday, 11 May, two student bands will perform each night.

On Monday, 29 April at 8 pm, the university's workshop band, led by this year's "Artist in Residence" Charlotte Greve (Lisbeth Quartet), will also perform in the AEG's main hall. For the second part of the evening, the saxophonist has brought along her trio "The Choir Invisible" from Brooklyn, with Chris Tordini on bass and Vinnie Sperrazza on percussion.

During the "Young Lions on Stage" festival, all concerts – at AEG and in the Jazz Studio – start at 8 pm.

More band descriptions and line-ups can be found on the Jazz Studio website at .