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News University Singing and making music in nurseries and primary schools

Photo: Michael Forster

The music academies in Würzburg and Nuremberg are working together on this education project. A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Franconian Singers' Association (FSB) to strengthen singing and music-making in nurseries and primary schools.

For the third time, the advanced training course "Singing and Making Music in Nursery and Primary Schools" has been designed, tested and implemented as part of a joint course between the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Elementary Music Education and Music Education at the two Nuremberg Universities of Music in Nuremberg and Würzburg.

Kick-off in Würzburg

The course kicked off in November 2023 at the University of Music Würzburg. In the following weeks, the student teams were individually supervised by Prof Doris Hamann and Prof Michael Forster. All the songs for the training event were taken from the songbook "Alle Lieder sind schon da", published by the German Choral Association. They were rehearsed in various model classes at both universities so that the practical experience could be passed on.

Advanced training day in Nuremberg

After an intensive dress rehearsal the evening before, the long-awaited training day took place at the Nuremberg University of Music on 20 January. This day allowed the participants to experience various practical models of elementary music making. Voice, body and instruments were used in a playful and experimental way - in line with the special methodological and didactic working methods of Elemental Music Pedagogy. Each lesson was then reflected upon, questions answered and further experiences, ideas and suggestions exchanged.


The teams would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants of the training programme for their warm, friendly and motivating way with the students. A big thank you goes to Wolfram Johannes Brüggemann of the Fränkischer Sängerbund, who made the training programme possible. Another big thank you goes to Prof. Doris Hamann and Prof. Michael Forster for establishing the contact between the two music academies and for supporting the students with their expertise!

Next training day

The training day will be repeated on 4 May 2024 at the University of Music in Würzburg.