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News Event Girls' Day 2024

Photo: Rosa Matos Mendoza, Source: HfM

"Composer – a Profession with a Future!" Under this title, this year's Girls' Day took place on April 25, at the Nuremberg University of Music. 14 girls were given an interesting insight into the work of women composers.

During a warm-up led by Prof Rainer Kotzian, the group got to know each other in a musical and playful way. Asita Tamme and Professor Peter Gahn organised the rest of the morning with tasks and games on the topic of "sounds and composition".

The girls had been asked to look for objects at home that made interesting sounds. There was a wide variety of sounds to choose from. From a chewing gum tin to a fan, there were 14 everyday objects that were given a completely new function this morning. In sound games, the objects were then sorted according to, for example, volume and pitch.

Asita Tamme then used microphones to record each of the girls' sound objects and showed the group how to work with the recorded soundtracks on the computer and how to change them to suit their own preferences.

By the end of the morning, a real piece of music had been created from the everyday objects they had brought. Through this interesting excursion into the world of composition, the 14 girls realised how much freedom you can have with sounds and that you can even compose a piece using whisks, tins and chopsticks. At the same time, they learned how many incredible choices you have to make as a composer!