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News Event D-bü Competition

This year's inter-university competition will be held in Nuremberg. The application phase runs until 31 January 2024 - be part of it!


This is the motto of the fourth edition of D-bü*, the competition for innovative and creative concert formats.

This year, the University of Music Nuremberg is hosting this special competition, which will take place from 27 May 2024 to 1 June 2024 at various venues in the city of Nuremberg.

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2024.

Concerts in transition

Recent years have seen the emergence of many new approaches to concert culture, with the aim of extending classical music performances to include contemporary forms of performance.

In an open and diverse field, a historically and geographically expanded notion of 'classical music' and 'concert' is being explored. This is accompanied by an awareness that society and musical culture are in a state of flux, and that artists face changing challenges in their training and careers.

D-Bü: A platform for innovation

D-bü responds to the changing music culture and opens up spaces for experimentation so that students can develop their musical qualifications in an innovative and interdisciplinary way.

D-bü also aims to harness the inspirational power of bringing together productions that break surprising new ground. Participants have the opportunity to broaden their horizons through professional exchange with other students, as well as with university representatives and other players in the field of music practice.

Student jury and prizes

The entries to the final round of the competition are judged by a student jury - their further qualification through reflection during the judging process is another remarkable aspect of D-bü.

As the concept of the entries to D-bü makes it difficult or impossible to compare them, three prizes of equal value will be awarded in the categories of audience success, originality and reproducibility.

We wish all entries good luck and keep our fingers crossed!

*D-bü (neologism referring to the German pronunciation of the word „debut“) is a new competition for students studying at a German University of Musci. It is held by the Rectors‘ Conference of the German Universities of Music (Die deutschen Musikhochschulen) .