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Meaningfulness is the basis for communication, understanding and interpretation of the audible world. Meaningful sound worlds unfold from interesting sound sources and sound spaces that arouse curiosity and enthusiasm.

Current student projects

Lea & Luke - Almost Like Being In Love // Frederick Loewe:

Luke & Le a - No Moon at All:

J.O.E. - black water (official music video):

Lukas Langguth Trio - The Underestimated Necessity of Discussing A.I. Safety:

VANICER - Falling Star:

Nature Boy - Live Performance by The Midnight Lady (Eden Ahbez Cover):

PSQ - Steps:

Hannes Stegmeier - I'll be fine: https: //

David Soyza Quartet - Boat in the Waves: https: //

Courses offered

The basic Music and Technology 1-3 courses provide an insight into the history, challenges and techniques of sound recording.

Recording Studio Practice is an exercise in which students carry out their own recording projects under individual supervision and can experience and explore the use of technology at first hand.

The Sound Synthesis option provides hands-on experience with classic and modern sound generators.


We create music together. Guided and independent work on projects allows students to experience highly complex technology that provides a framework for the usual methodologies of the music business.

In the recording studio, students experience the practicalities of day-to-day production with all its routine processes, as well as the almost limitless creative side of sound creation. Applications for recording sessions must be submitted to the head of studio by e-mail well in advance, along with a brief description of the project. All approved recordings and studio work are free of charge to enrolled students, with ancillary copyright and exploitation rights remaining with the University. Students may use their own recordings for commercial purposes.

Application for studio recording

Send a brief description of your project to the studio head. Bear in mind that there is a certain amount of lead time required, so register your project well in advance!

Our expertise

The company, which has grown steadily over a period of more than 20 years, is headed by Professor Toni Hinterholzinger.

In close cooperation with equipment developers, distributors, researchers, specialist editorial offices and friendly recording and mastering studios all over the world, new trends in audio technology are constantly being explored. At the same time, the studio is committed to preserving technologies from the golden age of sound recording.


The recording studio at the University of Music Nuremberg has a number of special features. Designed according to the Nashville concept, musicians and sound engineers work hand in hand in the same room. An ingenious room concept was developed over several years in close collaboration with Fritz Fey, an acoustics specialist renowned throughout Europe.

The 80-square-metre, daylight-flooded studio has various acoustic zones, a Steinway B grand piano, an additional 20-square-metre recording room, a machine room, a video control room and a spacious storage area.

All studios are fully air-conditioned and video monitored. The recording rooms have a solid wooden floor and are very open and "lively" in terms of room acoustics. There are network-based audio and video links to all the other performance spaces in the University.

On a par with the most successful international top studiosEquipment

  • The recording studio is equipped with

    • three mobile Blackmagic 6K cameras with fast cine lenses
    • flicker-free LED lighting technology with an extremely high colour rendering index
    • professional live streaming equipment
    • a colour-calibrated video editing suite with grading controller
  • The extensive microphone collection comprises

    • over 100 ready-to-use microphones, including the latest cutting-edge technology from Schoeps, DPA, AKG, Chandler, Royer and Neumann
    • Numerous fully functional vintage microphones, like a hands-on technology museum ready for use
    • 40 different external microphone preamps from Neve, Chandler, Studer, Harrison, Trident, SSL, MCI, Coil, Lomo and Avalon are waiting to show off their individual strengths.
    • 30 different reverbs, e.g. Bricasti M7, Sony DRE-S777, a Roland RE501 tape echo and an EMT140ST reverb plate
    • 15 selected compressors fromUniversal Audio, Vacuvox, Empirical Labs, Summit and Tube Tech as "sound makers".
  • An extensive pool of musical instruments and instrumental amplifiers invites you on extended sonic journeys during recording sessions. These include:

    • Fender Rhodes, electric organs, a harmonium and a spinet
    • a large analogue modular system Doepfer A100 as well as classic synthesizers such as Moog Minimoog, Moog One 16, Theremin and Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
    • modern synthesisers such as the Nonlinear Labs C15 or Korg Wavestate.
    • Percussion Sonor S-Classix (18"/22", 10"/12"/14"/16"), congas, bongos and timbales
    • Fender Precision electric bass, Ibanez AS103 electric Guitar, Epiphone Mandolin and Gretsch Lapslide
    • Vox AC30, Fender Twin, Bandmaster and Princeton guitar amplifiers, Roland JC120 and Magnatone Panoramic
    • Extensive collection of over 20 effect pedals from Zvex, Fulltone, Electro Harmonix, a Mesa Boogie BA200 full tube top with accompanying cabinet for electric basses and a special amp for double basses
  • The monitoring system in the control room comprises

    • a surround system consisting of Focal Solo6Be
    • Surrountec Monolog main monitors and a pair of Auratones from the 70s.

    At the centre of the studio is an API 1608 mixing console with 32 channel strips, which are connected to a powerful PC with Steinberg Cubase 12 Pro via DAD AX32 converters. Headphone mixes for musicians are provided by 16 individual Allen & Heath Me-1 submixers. Comprehensive software equipment with plugins and VSTis from Waves, Melodyne, UAD and Native Instruments completes the IT offerings.


We have a mastering workstation at the University with a wide range of analogue equipment including the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, GML 9500 Mastering EQ, 2030 Mastering Dynamic Range Controller, Prism Sound Maselec MLA-2 Stereo Mastering Compressor, Undertone Audio Unfairchild Mk2 and Mäag EQ4M.

Standard-compliant DDP master files can be created and sent directly online to CD pressing plants or streaming platforms.

Mobile setups

Mobile recording technology makes it possible to record outside the home on any scale, from multi-channel field recorders to 32-channel orchestral productions in Dolby Atmos.

Equipment available for hire

Students are welcome to borrow professional recording equipment. If you are interested, please email our Events and Media Technology Officer, Andreas Breu.

Third-party utilisation

Individual commissions for university-based publishers, event organisers, the film sector and industry enrich university life and give students a glimpse of 'big business', whether through collaborative workshops or selected audio and video examples in everyday teaching.


Prof. Toni Hinterholzinger Leiter Tonstudio, Tonstudiotechnik, Musikproduktion