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News NUM Against Racism

The Nuremberg University of Music (NUM) sees itself as an open-minded university and as an organisation in which diversity is the norm. It values and promotes the diversity of its members and their families, and aims to contribute to the realisation of equal rights and the overcoming of all disadvantages that stand in the way of this, be they based on gender, ethnicity, culture, society, religion or sexual orientation.

Our strength lies in this diverse community, characterised by an atmosphere of cohesion, respect and creativity. We are committed to using our strengths to build a more humane, tolerant and peaceful world.

It is our deepest conviction and lived reality that we treat all people with respect, tolerance and openness. Cosmopolitanism is also reflected in the international character of our University. Because we know: Our diversity is what makes us strong! That is why we take a clear stance against the despicable efforts and anti-Semitic attitudes of right-wing extremist groups who seek to exclude or even expel people from our midst.

As a university and cultural institution, we demand and promote discursive exchange and a respectful culture of debate in a pluralistic society. Freedom from discrimination and peaceful coexistence do not mean always agreeing with each other. We face major social, environmental and economic challenges, and we must allow different voices to be heard and use friction productively to overcome them.
But respect, humanity and democratic values are never negotiable!

The HFM Nuremberg is part of the nationwide campaign against xenophobia launched by the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) in 2016.