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News Success NUEJAZZ Festival wins German Jazz Award

Photo: Leon Greiner, Source: NUEJAZZ Festival

The Nuremberg NUEJAZZ Festival, which was founded by our alumni Frank Wuppinger (right) and Marco Kühnl (left) and with which we regularly collaborate, was awarded "Festival of the Year" at the German Jazz Awards in Cologne on 18th April. Congratulations!

Jury statement

For many years, NUEJAZZ has been presenting some of the most exciting new and established acts from the contemporary international jazz scene, including numerous international newcomer artists.

The festival showcases the genre-crossing richness of jazz, featuring artists from rock, pop, electro, hip hop, and traditional jazz styles. In addition, it provides ample space for local scene actors and diverse music education offerings for all generations.

NUEJAZZ stands for an open, pluralistic society. Jazz, synonymous with improvisation, is constantly evolving, and the festival aims to reflect this change. NUEJAZZ also represents diversity and sustainability. In its programming, the festival strives for a wide variety in terms of origin and gender and continuously works with the venues to organize a festival that is as „green“ as possible.