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News Personnel Jakob Sehrig elected speaker of the Bavarian Student Council

f.l.t.r.: Jakob Sehrig (the Nuremberg University of Music), Isabella Hennessen (Technical University of Munich) and Nils Weber (Nuremberg Institute of Technology)

This year's election meeting of the Bavarian Student Council took place on 14 January 2024 at The University of Technology Nuremberg. The coming year will be marked by the consolidation of the Council, which is now starting its first full year in office after its constitution. The new team will lead the Council from 1 April 2024. Jakob Sehrig (21) from the Nuremberg University of Music, Nils Weber (24) from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and Isabella Hennessen (26) from the Technical University of Munich) will represent the almost 400,000 students in Bavaria. Congratulations on your election!

"I see a great responsibility in the task we have been entrusted with and I thank the delegates for their trust," says Isabella Hennessen. "I am very pleased to be able to represent the students of Bavaria at the state level next year," adds Nils Weber. "After the last time a student from a University of the Arts was allowed to represent the Council as spokesperson was ten years ago, it is a great pleasure for me to be given this honour now," emphasises Jakob Sehrig.

Prof Rainer Kotzian, President of the Nuremberg University of Music, warmly congratulates Jakob Sehrig on his election on behalf of the entire university and as spokesperson for the "Kunsthochschule Bayern" university network. He is very much looking forward to working with the new team. He would like to thank the previous spokespersons of the BayStRa for their trusting, constructive and pioneering collaboration.

Previous spokespersons Annabel Wolter, Torsten Utz and Michael Ruppert have successfully guided the committee through its development. "The last few months have been strongly influenced by the organisational structure and the establishment of the thematic foundations of the newly constituted Council. We are happy to leave the committee in responsible hands," the current spokespersons said.

"The Bavarian Student Council, which is now finally established, must become even more firmly established in the coming year and thus become a permanent point of contact for all university policy issues," the new Council spokespersons agree. After the first constitution and the associated transformation process, Hennessen, Sehrig and Weber want to set strong priorities in terms of content.

"The Bavarian university landscape must become sustainable and equip itself for the future. Sustainable location development and the expansion of renewable energies are just as important as the continuation of affordable mobility within the framework of the reduced €49 ticket," explains Jakob Sehrig.

For Isabella Hennessen, the revision of teaching is an important topic for the coming year in office. "Teaching concepts and examination modalities must be adapted to modern developments in order to keep universities and colleges fit for the future," adds the student, who has been appointed to the Founding Commission of the Technical University of Nuremberg in addition to her own university.

Above all, Nils Weber wants to promote networking within the student body. "For a strong representation of interests at state level, it is essential that we can represent the voices of all students. In Bavaria's diverse student body, it is particularly important to take into account the increasing number of international students and to ensure that they have equal access to the Bavarian higher education landscape".

In conclusion, the newly elected speaker team states: "We have challenging issues ahead of us, which we will tackle with joy, respect and full commitment".