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News Event Early Music Days 2024

Abschlusskonzert der Workshop-Teilnehmerinnen und -Teilnehmer im Orchestersaal der Hochschule Photo: Björn Colell, Source: Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg

We are delighted that the Early Music Days and the Forum on Historical Musical Instruments were so well received! If you missed the Musica Antiqua concert, you can listen to the recording on BR-KLASSIK on 30 January.

We look back with pride on our University Festival "Early Music Days" (14 - 25 January 2024) and its embedded "Forum of Historical Musical Instruments" (17 - 21 January 2024). All events were very well attended and the quality of the performances this year was outstanding. Congratulations to all participants!

About 20 active participants attended the excellent workshops on baroque violin and baroque cello by Anne Marie Harer (Hanover) and Irene Liebau (Trento). The two lecturers also took part in the lecture day at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum's collection of musical instruments.

There, on 18 January, this year's theme "From Ensemble to Orchestra" was explored from the perspective of musicians, scientists and instrument makers. University President Prof. Rainer Kotzian opened the day of lectures together with Dr. Heike Zech in substitution of Prof. Dr. Daniel Hess (Director General of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum) and moderated the panel discussion with Dr. Frank P. Bär (Head of the Musical Instruments Collection). The lectures were recorded on video and will be available here soon.

One of the highlights was certainly the concert in the Musica Antiqua series on 17 January entitled 'The birth of the orchestra'. A musical celebration at the court of Hanover". Despite the black ice warning, many visitors made their way to the Aufseßsaal. If you missed the brilliant concert with the ensemble "la festa musicale", you can listen to it on Tuesday, 30 January 2024 from 20:05 on BR-KLASSIK:

A sneak preview is available on YouTube:

Handel: Allegro, Concerto grosso op.6 No.1 HWV 319 | La festa musicale | BR-KLASSIK

The name says it all: La festa musicale! The baroque orchestra from Hanover performs the last two movements (Allegro) of the Concerto grosso op. 6 No. 1 HWV 319 by George Frideric Handel as part of the BR concert series "Musica Antiqua" at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg.

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The Forum of Historical Musical Instruments is a joint event of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the Nuremberg University of Music.

The Early Music Days are an event organised by the Nuremberg University of Music.

The Musica Antiqua concert on 17 January 2024 was a joint event of of the Bayerischer Rundfunk - BR Franken and the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in cooperation with the Nuremberg University of Music.