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News Event D-bü competition: the first meeting

Photo: Philipp Gaiser, Source: D-bü

From 27 May to 1 June 2024, the D-bü competition will take place in Nuremberg. After receiving numerous applications from all 24 German universities of music, the pre-selection jury chaired by artistic director Prof. Anselm Dalferth (also: Esther Anne Adrian, Dr Leo Dick, Lucilla Schmidinger, Steven Walter) has selected eight finalists. Preparations for the performances are now in full swing.

The first meeting

In mid-April, members of each ensemble were invited to visit their venue in Nuremberg to further develop their concepts and get to know the other participants. After all, D-bü is not only a competition, but also a platform for exchange between students who want to break new ground in concert design. The artists travelled from all over Germany to visit their respective venues. There they were able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the venue, but also to clarify very concrete questions about the technical realisation.

Support and advice

The ensembles were supported by Artistic Director Prof. Anselm Dalferth and Artistic Advisor Steven Walter (Artistic Director of the Beethovenfest Bonn), who looked at the concepts again on site and gave the ensembles ideas and impulses to take back with them. Some open questions about the design of the concert in combination with the unusual venues were clarified, while other ideas and challenges only emerged as a result of the concrete impressions gained on site

Final spurt

Now the final spurt before the competition begins, both for the ensembles and for the team, so that at the end of May an exciting and exciting competition week with many new impressions and concerts can become reality!


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