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News Event D-bü competition: Our venues

The D-bü Competition 2024 is coming to Nuremberg at the end of May - eight different premieres by eight different ensembles at eight special venues. Be there!

The search for possible venues began almost a year ago. The team, led by artistic director Prof. Anselm Dalferth, visited a number of unusual venues in Nuremberg: After all, the innovative competition is not only intended to give new impetus to the musicians and open up new perspectives on concert culture - the audience should also be offered new experiences in surprising locations.

The aim was for the venues to reflect the diversity of Nuremberg and to appeal to a wide range of people from all walks of life. In the end, the following exciting venues were chosen:

Segment #1 in the Congress Hall, where an artistic reuse of the historically significant building is being tested, and the Desi district centre, a former disinfection plant.

The boiler house on the former Quelle site, the historic rock corridors beneath the city of Nuremberg and the culture barn of the Friends of the Old Town (Kulturscheune der Altstadtfreunde) will also be used as performance venues.

Last but not least, the rebuilt Pellerhof with its special atmosphere, the Sophiensaal of the new Lorenzer Pfarrhof and the Church of St. Egidien, Nuremberg's oldest and only baroque church.


Further information on the venues and the performing ensembles.


Tickets for the performances are available here.