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News University Success Confirmation of the highest quality of teaching

The Nuremberg University of Music is pleased to announce that it has successfully passed the system accreditation without any conditions.

The University has thus demonstrated that its teaching and research programmes meet the highest quality standards. This is a clear signal to all members of the University, to prospective students and to the public that education at the University of Music Nuremberg is of the highest standard and thus offers students the best conditions for a professional career in music.

The University can now bear the internationally recognised seal of the Accreditation Council, which identifies its graduates as highly qualified professionals. It is the fifth of the 49 universities of art and music in Germany to receive system accreditation (source: Accreditation Council website).

In 2016, the University's management at the time decided to seek system accreditation and began developing a tailored quality management system. This was reviewed in a comprehensive audit process, which included two inspections to highlight the university's strengths and potential. At the end of the process, the independent external panel of experts certified that "all members of the university are highly committed to the internal QMS, the university and the mission statement". The Accreditation Council has now sealed this with its decision of 6 December 2023.

The President of the Nuremberg University of Music, Professor Rainer Kotzian, is proud of the result:

"The successful unconditional system accreditation shows that we, as the Nuremberg University of Music, not only meet the high standards of artistic, artistic-pedagogical and academic education, but also have a clear focus on quality assurance and continuous improvement. This award is a confirmation of our work and a strong signal to our students, teachers and partners in science, art and culture."

The Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg will continue to work to maintain the quality of its courses and teaching programmes at the highest level and to prepare its students in the best possible way for a successful professional future. The accreditation is an important incentive for the University to continue on this path.

What is the Accreditation Council?
The Accreditation Council Foundation is a joint organisation of the federal states for quality assurance in teaching and learning at German universities. As the central decision-making body of the Foundation, the Accreditation Council is responsible for deciding on the accreditation of study programmes (programme accreditation) and the accreditation of quality management systems (system accreditation) on the basis of expert reports.