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News Success Anton Weinmann receives scholarship from the Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle

Photo: Jonathan Singer

Baritone Anton Weinmann from Prof Nikolay Borchev's singing class has been awarded a scholarship from the Rotary Club Berlin-Zitadelle from October 2023. We congratulate him!

In summer 2023, Prof Borchev conducted a concert with several singing students from his class at the Burgwallschanze studio. The Burgwallschanze is a special venue for cultural events in Berlin-Spandau. A select group of Rotarians with musical backgrounds attended the event. They voted unanimously to sponsor Anton Weinmann.

There is an interesting story behind this decision: Manfred Gehrmann, a famous architect, was a co-founder of the Rotary Club of Berlin-Zitadelle. Many years earlier, he and his wife had decided to support young artists. One of them was Professor Nikolay Borchev. The circle has now come full circle, as one of his students is now being sponsored.

Anton Weinmann personally introduced himself to the club at its Christmas party and, accompanied by a pianist, enriched the event with a wonderful programme. The programme included 'Quia facit' from Bach's Magnificat and 'Panis angelicus' by César Franck.